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Ta3 Swim


Founder Leila Shams is at the core of the TA3 Swim brand. Fashion designer, inventor, and entrepreneur, she is the perfect leader for her growing brand.

Invested in all areas of the business, she came up with the concept of body shaping swimwear made out of compression fabric to hug you in all the right places.

The TA3 Swim brand believes that every woman should unapologetically indulge in whatever she wants by the pool or by the beach without any concerns.

This is why she named the company TA3, shrewdly named “EAT” backwards.


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The specificity of the offering makes TA3 Swim products the solution to a growing demand that is widely spread amongst women of all shapes and sizes. Leila found a unique way to leverage compression fabric that empowers women when feeling the most vulnerable.

In line with her value and dedication to empowering women. TA3 Swim donates 10% of their sales to Girls inc.


The goal was to make use of clever solutions that could enhance the customer experience and convenience.
  • TA3 Swim is an innovative, young and edgy line of body shaping swimwear that provides a new and authentic feeling of freedom for women when they feel the most vulnerable.

  • TA3 Swim's founder, Leila Shams is involved in every aspect of the business. For the business woman, Swimwear isn't simply a need, it's a mode of expression.

  • Solution driven, Leila is an expert in her field. She uses the best tools to enhance the TA3 Swim customer's experience from payment options to fitting advice, powered by Easysize.

“Easysize AI technology really made a difference for our community. Fit preferences are so different from one customer to another that it was important for us to provide a solution based on our customer's feedback.”

Leila Shams,

Founder, TA3 Swim

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