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The lingerie and underwear industry saw exponential growth in the last couple of years. MARY YOUNG offers functional lingerie and loungewear celebrating natural shapes. The Founder knows her community and encourages body positivity. With comfort becoming the main priority, women are searching for the best fit and fabric to feel good in their bodies.

MARY YOUNG embraced the mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality inspired by the concept of the Danish 'hygge'. With a 'hygge' approach, the brand celebrates feelings of wellness and contentment.

MARY YOUNG stands as a pioneer, speaking to women about how they feel in their bodies. Recognising that the fit varies based on body types and styles, MARY YOUNG designs every piece with comfort in mind.


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Lower return rate when using Easysize

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MARY YOUNG was building a strong community of fans and experiencing steady growth. When MARY YOUNG reached out to Easysize, only a few pain points needed attention.

The team was dealing with an overwhelmed customer support. The question of the fit and size of their products was a growing issue. Getting a sizing solution that helps to declutter the customer support team was a no brainer.


MARY YOUNG wanted to include a size and fitting solution to enhance shoppers' overall experience. With the Easysize plug-in, customer needs are covered and the table of the customer support team has been decluttered.Win-win.
  • MARY YOUNG has built a strong community based on body positivity, self love and acceptance.

  • Adopting a sustainable approach, using AI technology was an ethical decision. The brand has experienced fewer returns since the implementation of the Easysize plugin on their Shopify store.

  • Building a community of self-love, paired with the Easysize solution, MARY YOUNG is able to leverage customers’ preferences and offering ethical fashion at scale.

“Easysize AI technology was a no-brainer for us and really made a difference for our community. As we know, fit preferences are so different from one customer to another that it was vital for us to provide a solution based on our customer's preferences knowledge.”

Mary Young,

Founder & CEO, Mary Young

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