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Gal vs Buck


Gal vs Buck is a high-end footwear brand launched in Colombia in 2013. Gal vs Buck is inspired by gender equity and the concept of androgyny. The brand focuses on altering classic silhouettes, reinterpreting them with modern details, to create wearable designs.

The Colombian designer creates sophisticated shoes without sacrificing comfort and durability. Carefully crafted; handmade in Colombia, no two are exactly alike, uniqueness at its finest.

At Gal vs Buck it's really all about the personality of the shoe and the person who wears it.


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Gal vs Buck androgynous footwear concept blurs the lines between genders. Their focus on personal style and personality is ahead of this time.

Sceptical at first about the accuracy of the size recommendation solution, Gal vs Buck found with Easysize a solution that had an impact on their customer's shopping experience.


No two pairs are exactly alike, this is what makes the brand so unique, their goal with Easysize is to take it a step further with a sizing recommendation that fits their customers unique preferences.
  • Gal VS Buck is proudly produced in Colombia, handmade with the best material. Comfort and durability are at the core of each one of their products.

  • The uniqueness of the brand strands in the androgynous style they create for each collection and the fact that no two shoes are the same, giving every piece and its owner their own personality.

  • Launched in March 2021 Easysize solution helped Gal VS Buck in enhancing their customers' experience on their Shopify shop and contributed in increasing their Shoppers' confidence in purchasing shoes online.

“We love working with forward-thinking partners that align with our values. We were looking for a solution to make our customers feel more comfortable shopping for shoes online and the Easysize tool delivered beyond our expectations.”

Carolina Hurtado Trelles,

CEO & Designer at Gal vs Buck

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